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This is a collection of various information about this site in case you wanted to ask.

Content creation / generation

Offbeat Bits is powered Eleventy with a bespoke self-built theme. You can get a modified and improved version of this theme called Bliss. Or you can check out the GitHub repo for its source code.

I write my posts in Markdown. I occasionally use HTML if Markdown fails to offer specific features I need.


I use a mix of serif and sans-serif web-safe typefaces available with leading operating systems. I decided against using custom web fonts. Instead, I based my typography choices on popular font families listed on CSS Font Stack, effectively saving myself from the analysis paralysis while browsing custom fonts online.


I use SASS / SCSS under the hood. Apart from normalize.css by Nicolas Gallagher, there is no third-party code, fancy tooling or CSS framework being used here.


This site has a modest set of accessibility features:

I tested the site with Apple VoiceOver screen reader on MacOS. I am vaguely familiar with WCAG guidelines but I do not claim compliance or declare any specific accessibility level.

Code / website hosting / infrastructure

Source code of the site is available on GitHub.

I use Netlify to host the site. I don’t use any Netlify-specific features though to avoid vendor lock-in.

The domain is registered via OVH and DNS zone is hosted by Netlify. While I do not consider this setup optimal in case of failure (failure of one party brings two services down at once), having migrated from Cloudflare I am yet to find a decent provider of DNS zone hosting.

Since this site is essentially a set of pre-built text files, this setup allows me to use virtually any hosting provider. If Netlify ever fails on me, I am capable of migrating between providers with very little downtime. I can also downgrade to old-school SFTP-based static hosting.


The site design was inspired by many other sites on the web. Multiple resources influenced my design decisions behind it. Notable mentions include:


Unless specified otherwise, all textual and visual content on the site is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Unless specified otherwise, both code powering the site and code included in its content is licensed as MIT License.

This site is not authored, affiliated or endorsed by any company I may be personally affiliated with (such as my employer).

Any and all opinions listed here are my own and not representative of my employers; future, past and present.

All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names,trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement.